• Can data communication technology cause harmful radiation?

  • Will the meter measure the amount of electricity consumed by my electrical appliances separately?

  • Can I buy electricity meters at their scrap value?

  • Will a remotely read meter jeopardise my privacy?

  • Can I give up a remotely read meter?

  • Can an electricity meter installed by Elektrilevi be faulty?

  • How can I obtain a fuse box key to see my meter readings?

  • What should I do if my meter is recording consumption inaccurately? Do I have to pay all the costs of the meter inspection?

  • Why must a new meter be plugged in?

  • What technology is used to send the data?

  • What is the fixed period for meter testing and will it be done automatically or will I have to inform you about it?

  • What is a remotely read meter?

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