Remote reading and meter readings

  • Working principle for remote reading
  • If the transmission of readings is interrupted, we use an estimation of the readings
  • Submission of readings if the estimated readings differ from the real ones

  • Remote meter reading

    A remotely read meter is a meter that sends the readings to us by remote meter reading.

  • Interruptions

    Sometimes, we do not receive consumption data from your meter. The most common cause for this is an interruption in data communication.

  • Estimations

    We use estimated readings (metering data) if we have not received information on the consumed amounts by the time of billing. Estimations are made on the third and fourth days of each month based on consumption history.

  • Taking and submitting a reading

    If a bill is based on estimated quantities and the estimated reading considerably differs from the actual reading, we recommend you submit the actual meter reading.

  • Should I submit my readings?

  • When should I submit readings?

  • Estimating electricity consumption

  • Where should I submit readings?

  • What if I do not submit my reading on time?

  • How can I submit readings in the e-service if the contract is not in my name?

  • How can a company submit readings in the e-service?

  • Why are my readings being estimated?

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