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Payment for utility networks on your property

  • Compensation to land owners for accommodating utility networks on their property.
  • The amount of compensation is being amended following a Supreme Court judgement.
  • The compensation is only paid on request.

To ensure the public power supply, the Elektrilevi network passes through about 350,000 land units. Real estate owners have the right to request payment for accommodating utility networks on their property.

A real estate owner may be required to accommodate utility networks and structures by law, a signed contract or compulsory possession. The government decides how the compensation payment should be calculated. Real estate owners need only submit an application once to receive the payment.

The method for calculating the payment is being changed following a judgment of the Supreme Court.

The location of Elektrilevi structures and the owners of the structures can be found on the Estonian Land Board Geoportal website under the Restrictions Application (owner of restriction: Elektrilevi OÜ).

Payments are made to land owners by the owners of the utility networks. In the case of power lines owned by Elektrilevi OÜ, the land owners are paid by Elektrilevi.

When is the payment made?

The payment is transferred to the landowner's bank account specified in the application once a year by 1 December at the latest. If you wish to receive your first payment by 1 December, you need to send the application by 1 July at the latest. Once you have sent your application, you do not need to re-send it every year.

What should a land owner do to receive the payment?

The owner or an authorised representative needs to fill in an application form for payment for accommodating utility networks and structures and send it to Elektrilevi OÜ, Kadaka tee 63, 12915 Tallinn, or e-mail it to

The payments for the following years will continue based on this application until a new application is sent.

We will register all applications and we do not send a reply to applications that have been correctly completed. We will contact the owner if we have any additional questions.