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The electricity test measures the amperages passing through the main fuse. On starting the test, the system will request your meter for the current amperages three consecutive times, on all phases. The report shows the maximum measurement of each phase.

Performing the electricity test is safe and does not put additional load on your electrical system. General electrical safety rules must be observed. To perform the test, turn on all the devices to simulate a situation where an above average load arises in everyday life. These periods are most commonly Christmas and winter.

The success of the test depends on the load on the meter. The smart grid regularly requests metering data from the meters, and if the queries occur at the same time, a temporary error may occur. In case of failure of the test, we suggest repeating it again in a few minutes.

Failed tests will not be invoiced. Read more about invoicing.

The reliability of the report depends on the electrical devices turned on during the measurement. For example, when an important electricity consumer will not be turned on, the electricity consumed by it will not be reflected in the report, which will also impact the result of the electricity test. The recommendations given in the report are estimates and not required to be followed. They primarily help with interpreting the electricity test measurement results.

An electricity test can only be performed in these points of consumption that have a remote readable meter with the corresponding communication solution installed. If you are unable to choose some of the points of consumption you own during ordering the electricity test, it means that it is simply not yet possible to order this service in that location.

The fee for the electricity test will be reflected on your next network service invoice.

Elektrilevi is managing the power grid up to the main fuse of the apartment building, the apartment association is responsible for managing the building's internal network. Due to this we lack the information on each apartment's main fuse. Entering the size of the main fuse is necessary to ensure that the results and recommendations of the test would be as accurate and give you as much information as possible. You can check the size of the main fuse on the main fuse in the apartment's electrical board.

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