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If we detect a malfunction in the meter at your place of consumption, we will recalculate the quantities of electricity consumed as necessary.

There a problem with voltage fluctuations mainly in households powered by long low voltage lines. Non-compliant slow voltage fluctuations may occur if:

  • light bulbs do not burn at full power;
  • light bulbs flash occasionally without cause or when switching on a household appliance;
  • home appliances can only be switched on in turn;
  • interference occurs when a high-power device is turned on by a neighbour.
  • Customers for whom we have identified non-compliant voltage at the point of consumption receive a 80% discount on the network fee.

    Not all damage caused by the power grid is always compensated, for example due to force majeure. If your property is damaged as a result of an event caused by us or under our control, please file a claim for damages. Read more about indemnification »

    Elektrilevi undertakes to eliminate the interruption caused by the fault within 12 hours during the summer period (1.04-30.09) and within 16 hours during the winter period (1.10-31.03).

    We reduce the network fee if:

  • the elimination of interruption is longer than 48 hours, specified in the quality requirements
  • the interruption is longer than the 48-96 hours specified in the quality requirements
  • the interruption exceeds the duration specified in the quality requirements by more than 96 hours.
  • It is not necessary to submit a separate application for a discount. This calculation will be reflected at the latest in the following month. You can find the exact fee reduction amounts here.

    If events in the electricity grid have caused the death of the farm animal(s), action must be taken immediately. In the event of the death of the animal(s), the keeper of the animal must contact a licensed company to dispose the carcass:

  • Atria Eesti AS (spices: pigs) e-posti aadress or phone 767 9900
  • AS Vireen (spices: cattle, pigs, horses, sheep and goats) phone 327 8290.
  • For additional questions, please contact the Farm Animal Register at or the Department of Registers information line: 731 2311.

    Short-term voltage fluctuations, usually voltage dips, arise from short circuits in the mains or when starting high-capacity electrical equipment. Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent such voltage fluctuations in the electricity network that could damage electrical equipment. It is also not possible to completely avoid impulse overvoltage due to lightning or switching.

    Electrical equipment and supplies can be protected against voltage fluctuations by installing additional protection devices. Damage due to short-term interruptions and voltage fluctuations can be prevented by installing a voltage stabilizer or UPS device. The construction of a lightning protection system helps to prevent damage caused by overvoltage. You can find explanations here.

    In order to file a claim, you need to submit an application; the form can be found here.  You can also send us the application via e-mail or by mail to Veskiposti 2, 10138 Tallinn.

    We will respond to your claim for damages within 12 working days of receiving it. If no decision has been taken by that time (the claim procedure requires further investigation), we will notify you of further action and a new response time.

    We recommend that you submit your application as soon as possible, but no later than one month after becoming aware of any damage to your property caused by power failure. This will speed up the claim procedure and make it more difficult to prove a long-standing claim and its circumstances.  Read more about indemnification »

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