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Power cuts can be divided into two:

  • power cuts due to malfunctions, or interruptions due to failures;
  • interruptions or scheduled interruptions required for scheduled network operations.
  • In the event of a failure, the power goes out unexpectedly due to various reasons, such as a broken power line, substation failure, etc. We cannot notify customers of such incidents in advance because no one knows when they will happen. When we receive information about a failure, we will notify you of it through the MARU application and by SMS. Scheduled interruptions are necessary for maintenance and renewal of the power network, temporary disconnection of lines for large cargo, etc. We notify you of planned power outages at least two days in advance by text message or e-mail. To ensure that notifications always reach you, check and update your contact details by using our  e-service »

    The Elektrilevi website has a power outages map that shows the current state of the power network and interruptions in your area. In the event of a scheduled interruption, we will announce its planned start and end time in advance – these are marked on the map of power outages. In the event of an interruption due to a failure, we will only show the estimated end time on the map, if we know it. However, it is not always possible to determine the exact end time, in which case we will specify the estimated elimination time on an ongoing basis according to the extent of the failure.

    We announce power failures through the MARU application and by SMS. If you have already received a notification from us, you do not need to report the failure.

    The failure SMS service is automatic for household customers and does not need to be ordered separately. If the SMS messages do not reach you for some reason, check your contact details here ». If you wish, you can order the SMS service to the telephone number of a friend or family member. Order the free service from here » .

    When its minus 15 degrees Celsius or more outside, we cancel scheduled power cuts or delay them by a few hours while waiting for the temperature to rise. In case of severe frost, we will definitely cancel planned outages in households that use electricity for heating. Similarly, technical regulations do not allow many power network components to be installed at such low temperatures. We decide on the planned interruption in the morning of the day scheduled for work in each area, based on the air temperatures displayed on If the scheduled interruption is cancelled, we will notify you of the new interruption time.

    Short-term power cuts can have several different causes. These can occur, for example, when a short circuit has occurred in the power grid and the automation is trying to re-energize the line. The power may also turn on and off when a malfunction is reported in your area and we are looking for a malfunction. If short-term power outages are manifested by continuous flashing of lights, this may be due to poor contact connections either in the electrical system of the point of consumption or in the Elektrilevi network. In this case, we recommend calling Elektrilevi 1343 to determine the cause. If short-term power cuts are caused by an error on Elektrilevi's lines, we will repair it ourselves. However, if the fault is in the internal electrical system, you have to arrange it to be repaired.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to concentrate all work on the power grid in the evening or on weekends. In order to minimize disruption to our customers through power outages, we try to minimize planned interruptions. To do this, we are doing more and more work without turning off the power, which, if following the regulations, is no more dangerous than works in case of power failure. The necessity of the interruption depends on the nature of the work of the power grid being carried out; not all works can be done without power outage.

    A planned outage generally affects many Elektrilevi customers who have been notified of the outage and who have taken this time into consideration. It also concerns our agreements with the contractors. Therefore, we only change the times for scheduled power outages in exceptional cases.

    We will inform you at least two days in advance of planned interruptions to the electricity network. The scheduled interruptions in the grid can be viewed here.

    The time it takes to rectify the malfunction depends on the extent, location and specific power grid. If there is circular power in the settlement, we can redirect the power supply through another line in the event of a malfunction and thereby quickly restore power. However, in low-voltage electricity networks, tens of kilometres of line sections sometimes need to be checked for just finding a fault location. In this case, we will not be able to deal with the interruption until the exact location of the malfunction has been determined.

    Thanks to the remote monitoring network, almost 80% of the malfunction information is automatically received by Elektrilevi today. One fifth of the affected customers, however, are in non-automated areas, which are predominantly low voltage and cannot be tracked through the information system. From these areas, we only receive fault information through customer reports, after which we drive to the site to locate the malfunction. We will do our best to eliminate any power outages caused by malfunctions as soon as possible.

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