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On the basis of the balancing electricity price, business customers who do not have a contract with any electricity seller and whose fuse at main point of consumption is greater than 63 A, or who have a mains connection with the exception of apartment associations, purchase electricity on the open electricity market.

Balancing electricity is electricity purchased and sold by the system operator to maintain the balance of the system. The price of balancing electricity depends on demand. The more customers fail to select electricity seller, the higher the demand for balancing electricity and the higher the price. It cannot be ruled out that there will be surplus electricity in the country - more electricity has been purchased than actually consumed. This will reduce the price of balancing electricity. Balancing electricity is accounted for and calculated by the electricity system operator Elering according to a set methodology.

If the customer does not choose an electricity seller, they will remain with the general service. This means that the customer will not be left without electricity, but Eesti Energia will sell electricity within the scope of the general service in our network area.

The general service is available to all home and business customers with a maximum consumption rating of 63 A, as well as all apartment associations. General service principles have been developed by the state and are sold as a general service by a network operator or an electricity vendor designated by the network operator. Under the Electricity Market Act, a network operator with more than 100,000 customers cannot sell electricity itself, but must appoint a licensed electricity seller. The electricity seller named by Elektrilevi is Eesti Energia. The standard terms and conditions for the provision of the general service have been approved by the Competition Authority and the price formation is regulated by the Electricity Market Act.

You can see your electricity seller, the company from whom you buy electricity, at our self-service, if you select the specific point of sale network contract page and click on "Point of consumption electricity seller".

You can see all the electricity sellers from whom you can buy electricity in the Elektrilevi service area here.

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