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The seals may not be removed from the meter by yourself and, in the case of a meter without seals, consumption may be considered to be illegal. Seal removal and sealing are paid services, the prices of which you will find from a valid price list.

You can order the sealing works here.

Please place your order at least 10 days in advance. To remove the seals, our electrician must be present and you are not allowed to remove them yourself. You can order sealing here.

As a rule, we will install new seals on the meter within one week of the request. The exact time of sealing will be agreed with you in advance.

Sealing the electrical system with the removal of the previous seal is a paid service and may be necessary when performing electrical work on the sealed part of the shield, such as changing wires or electrical equipment. You will find the exact prices in our valid price list.

The price list is valid for places of consumption located in our network area.

You can order the sealing works here.

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