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If, at the time of invoicing, we have not received the quantities actually consumed, we will invoice you on the basis of predicted consumption data. The reason for the lack of a meter reading to be read can be the failure to report the reading. For a remote meter, this may be due to a data interruption or a switching off the main fuse. Data communication failure of a remote meter does not affect meter performance or accuracy - consumption data is recorded to the meter with hourly accuracy even when data is not moving.

Data interruptions are usually caused by non-compliant or defective electrical equipment used at the point of consumption (however, the malfunction may not have a noticeable effect on the use of the equipment itself). It usually takes two to three months to restore remote reading. Depending on the complexity of the problem, recovery may take longer. When data transfer resumes, we will convert to actual consumption. We predict electricity consumption based on your past consumption. Prediction is made in accordance with Elektrilevi network contract standard terms and conditions for low voltage up to 63A clauses 6.4 and 6.5, which have been approved by the Competition Authority.

We predict if no metering data has been received by the time the invoice is issued. Failure to receive measurement data does not usually mean a malfunction of the meter, but rather problems with the transmission of the measurement data. We are constantly monitoring the network and eliminating network interference. When data transfer resumes, we will convert to the quantities actually consumed.

If it turns out that the meter is malfunctioning, the meter will be replaced, and we will adjust the invoices.

Prediction is allowed according to the standard terms and conditions of the network contract approved by the Competition Authority.

Network contract terms up to 63 A

Network contract standard conditions above 63 A and medium voltage

If we have invoiced you on the basis of estimated data and the estimated reading differs significantly from the actual reading, we recommend that you inform us of the actual meter reading so that we can adjust the estimated quantities based on the reported reading.

The accuracy of forecasting can be affected by:

  • lack of previous consumption, e.g new connection
  • a significant change in consumption, e.g by switching to electric heating, switching to a place of consumption all year round, introduction of additional electrical equipment, etc .;
  • other factors affecting consumption, such as a significant change in the outdoor temperature.
  • If you have received an invoice that has been prepared based on estimates and the estimated reading diverges considerably from the actual meter reading, we advise you to report the actual reading to us.

    Identifying the reading on your meter:

    When the overall reading is displayed, the identifier 15.8.0 is shown at the bottom of the screen.

    Reporting the reading:

    If no metering data has reached us in 15 days, the option to enter readings will automatically become available to you in our self-service environment. If we start receiving metering data again, you will no longer be able to enter readings manually.

    Note: As of 1 March 2022, the only reading that needs to be reported is the overall reading.

    Tegelike mõõteandmete laekumisel korrigeerime prognoositud kogused tegelikule tarbimismahule vastavaks. See tähendab, et kui prognoositud kogus oli tegelikust tarbimisest suurem või väiksem, korrigeerime koguseid ja teeme ümberarvestuse ka arvelduses.

    When actual measurement data is received, we adjust the estimated quantities to the actual consumption volume. This means that if the estimated quantity was higher or lower than the actual consumption, we will adjust the quantities and also recalculate the billing.

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