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A network contract is needed to supply electricity to the point of consumption on a daily basis. In the network agreement, we specify the conditions of power supply to your point of sale, the price of the network service and the contact details for the transmission of information, for example, when sending a notice of planned outages.

The network contract must be signed when you buy an apartment or house and terminated when you sell the apartment or house. For example, in case of moving, the existing consumer will have to terminate their existing contract and the new consumer will have to enter into a new network contract.

If the power is turned off at the point of consumption, you will have to pay for activation in upon entrering into the network contract Learn more about the activation fee »

The network contract is free of charge. See more information on  network contract conclusion page »

The choice of price package depends on the type of place of consumption (e.g. apartment; private house) and the size of consumption. The choice of package also depends on whether the consumption is higher during the day or at night and on weekends.

The easiest way is to check the suitability of the price package with the price package calculator located in the self-service in the network contract data.

If you are dealing with a completely new place of consumption (new house or apartment) and you are immediately consuming electricity, then we recommend to choose the "Network 2 with monthly fee" package. If you are not going to use straight away electricity at the place of consumption or you do it at a minimum, then we recommend choosing the "Network 2" package.

Network contract price packages can be found HERE.

In case the owner of the point of consumption changes, the previous holder of the network contract shall apply for the termination of his/her network contract and the new owner of the point of consumption shall submit an application for a new network contract. The new network contract must be stipulated within 30 days from the submission of the application for the termination of the network contract.

The most convenient way to submit the application is through our self-service.

The network contract does not have to be stipulated in the name of the owner of the place of consumption, but it may also be stipulated in the name of the person who consumes electricity at the place of consumption.

A network contract customer can order various services (e.g. removing and sealing seals, resizing the main fuse, relocating the connection point, etc.)

The contract can be withdrawn within 14 days by a private individual who has entered into the contract via communications means or outside the business premises of the network operator. It is enough to send us a notice to exercise your right of withdrawal.

  • Network contract withdrawal guide (doc) »
  • To terminate your network contract, submit a network contract termination application. The most convenient way to do this is through the self-service. You have the right to terminate this agreement at any time with at least a 30 days' notice.

    We will notify you by email or SMS of the date of termination of the contract.

    The contract must be terminated when the dwelling is sold, or the consumer has changed. Termination of the network contract depends on whether or not a new consumer arrives at the point of consumption following the termination of your contract:

  • If a new consumer arrives at the point of consumption, your network contract will expire when the network contract with the new consumer is made. In the event that the new consumer has not entered into a new network agreement with us within 30 days of your notice of termination, your contract will expire and electricity will be turned off at the point of consumption.
  • If there is no new consumer at your place of consumption, your network contract will expire and the power will be switched off at the place of consumption:
    - 30 days after the submission of the application. Turning off the electricity is free for you.
    - less than 30 days after the submission of the application. In this case, you will have to pay for switching off the electricity.
  • If the power supply is closed by us, subsequent switching on of electricity is always subject to a charge. Learn more about the activation fee »

    With the termination of the network contract, the electricity contract for the place of consumption always ends. There is no need to terminate the electricity contract separately. For business customers, additional charges for early termination of their electricity contract may incur.

    Until the end of the contract, network charges, such as monthly fees and used kWh fees, may apply.

    We will provide you with the final invoice for your network contract the month after your contract terminates. The contract shall expire at the latest 30 days after the submission of the termination application.

    If there was no consumption at the place of consumption but you used a flat-rate (e.g. monthly fee) package for the billing, then the invoice reflects the fixed rate.

    Please check our self-service for current pricing information.

  • In self-service, the network service price package can be changed several times a year and is always free.
  • Changing the price package once a year via e-mail or telephone is free of charge and there is a charge for repetitive change of the price package.
  • Current prices can be found in Elektrilevi's price list.

    In the event of a change of package, the new rate package shall take effect from the new calendar month.

    The choice of price package depends on your consumption habits. The easiest way to compare network packages and find the one that works best for you is with a network package calculator located at our self-service.

    As a new customer, you will be able to access the calculator when you start signing a contract.

    The daily rate is Monday to Friday from 8.00–24.00 during the summer-time and 7.00-23.00 during the winter-time. Nightly rates apply from 24.00–8.00 during the summer-time and from 23.00–7.00 during the winter-time, and all Saturdays and Sundays. Public holidays that fall on weekdays are subject to the same rates as normal weekdays.

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