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Junction box rental for temporary network connection

  • If you need a short-term network connection
  • You need electricity before a permanent network connection can be built
  • An alternative to a generator

Junction box rental is a quick and easy solution that provides a short-term electricity supply in a place where there is no permanent network connection. We offer temporary connections of up to 63 A for up to 6 months.

Junction box rental is useful, for example, for sporting events, open-air performances and bridge/road repairs where it is not reasonable to use a generator.

If you need electricity before a permanent connection point is built, you can sign a temporary network contract. You can do this after you have signed a permanent network contract and paid the first instalment. Temporary network connections can only be provided on payment of a fee.

We can only offer temporary junction box rental in places where a junction box can be installed next to a substation or switchboard or on the mast of a power line. We will connect a temporary junction box to the electricity network with a meter, socket and residual-current device. An extension cable is needed to supply electricity to your temporary place of consumption.

The rental price of a temporary junction box for 6 months is 660 euros. The price includes the preparation of a technical solution, installation of a meter, and connection of the junction box to the electricity network and its disconnection afterwards. This is a complete service for you that will not entail any additional building costs. The price includes the required connections and materials for a ‘socket' of up to 63 A for up to 6 months. The price of the electricity consumed and a network fee will be added.

The rental price of a temporary junction box for 6 months is

  • up to 35 A - 840,00 euro
  • 40 – 63 A - 1020,00 euro

You can extend the rental of a temporary junction box for up to 6 months if you like. In this case the rental price for 1–30 days is 90 euros (price includes VAT).

If we cannot offer a junction box for rent, you will have to pay for a technical inspection document, build a temporary network connection and pay for the connection and later also the disconnection.

To order a temporary network connection, please fill in the application for a technical inspection document.

This service is freely available on the market, so that Elektrilevi competes with all the other providers of the same service.