We can also offer you a temporary network connection if you need electricity before your permanent connection point has been built, for example if you need electricity during the early stages of building work but the permanent network connection has not yet been set up. In this case you need to have signed a connection contract and paid the first instalment for the permanent network connection.

You pay the costs of making the temporary network connection and the work needs to be done by a qualified electrical company in accordance with our technical conditions. The temporary network connection can be used for up to six months, or if you have signed a network connection contract then you can use it until the permanent network connection is ready. After this the electrical company has to disconnect the temporary network connection. You will need to pay the costs of building the temporary network connection and disconnecting it from the network.

Please note: only qualified electrical companies can make temporary network connections and connect and disconnect you from our network. Beside the cost of creating the temporary network connection you need to consider the work that Elektrilevi will do, for which there is a fee:

  • Issuing technical conditions: 41,87 euros, except for customers who need a temporary network connection before a permanent connection point is finished.
  • Connecting to the power supply, including dismounting the meter, connecting and disconnecting the line, in total 166 euros.

These are the steps for creating a temporary network connection:

  • Please submit a connection application, which is the basis for issuing the technical conditions for creation of the temporary network connection. Together with the application please submit a written agreement from the property owner on whose property the connection point will be built. For public events we would also like to get a copy of the permit. Please submit your application as soon as possible, since arrangements involving multiple parties always take time, and we do not want your event to suffer or have any problems as a result.
  • We will put together and send you the technical conditions within ten working days. Please pay the invoice which is issued along with the technical conditions within 14 days.
  • If you accept the conditions, then please contact a qualified electrical company who has the right to work in Elektrilevi's network so they can build your network connection.
  • The company which you have chosen from the list will build you a network connection which meets all the requirements. When it is finished then the company has to arrange all of the necessary connections to Elektrilevi's network and provide proof that the work was done in accordance with the legal requirements.
  • Please submit your notification and a copy of the certificate of conformity. This is not necessary for connections up to 35 A where a statement from the electrical company will suffice. After this we will send you a service bill. After the bill has been paid, we will sign a fixed-term network contract for six months, or if you have a network connection contract then a contract that runs until the permanent network connection has been created.
  • After this we will arrange a time that we will connect you to the power supply, which will be within ten days after the notification has been submitted, the bills have been paid and a fixed-term contract has been signed.
  • After it has been connected to the power supply, the temporary network connection is ready for use.

Terminating a temporary network connection:

  • We will contact you 14 days before your fixed-term network contract ends to agree on the steps for disconnecting you from the network.
  • After we have set the date we will disconnect you from the network and dismount the meter.
  • After this the electrical company who you had signed the contract with has to dismantle the temporary network connection. The company must coordinate the network disconnection with us.

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