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Inspection of a business customer's electrical installation

  • Inspection of a business customer's equipment
  • Provides an overview of the reliability of the installation
  • Points out any weaknesses in connections

The inspection of an electrical installation is intended to check the equipment belonging to the customer (e.g. checking the reliability of the substation switchgear).

The service helps to avoid damage that may arise from the non-conformity of the electrical connections for equipment. Failures or even fires are often caused by weaknesses in the connections of cables, busbars, connectors, etc.

Our offer

We offer a quick overview of the current state of cable connections in an electrical installation using infra-red thermo imaging.
During the inspection we prepare a detailed report of the observation data, indicating all the critical connections. Thermo images are attached to the report, showing places where heat is emanating. We also present recommendations for repairs, for example, whether a device should be repaired urgently or whether the repairs can be postponed.

How much does it cost?

The inspection of an electrical installation costs 240 euros (200 euros exclusive of VAT).

The price of an inspection covers the checking of two substations or up to 4 hours of work in one substation.

This service is freely available on the market, so that Elektrilevi competes with all the other providers of the same service.