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Automation services

  • 50+ years of experience in automation work in a network of up to 110 kV
  • We have set up and maintained most of the Elektrilevi electricity network
  • 54 engineers and technicians
  • Average professional experience 29 yrs

As part of the Eesti Energia group, we have for over 50 years taken care of the operation of an electricity network that currently has over 24,000 substations. Nearly 500 of them are primary and secondary distribution substations of 6–110 kV. Over half of these substations are digitised, largely by Elektrilevi's own automation specialists.

We maintain these substations and configure new ones on a daily basis. We also regularly conduct retrofitting projects in which we design, install and replace electromechanical relays with digital ones in old primary and secondary distribution substations.

We also share our long-term experience and competence in neighbouring countries.

Complete package of services

  • Maintenance of automation equipment

  • Configuration of automation equipment

  • Project management and consultation services

Our team

Our team of 54 consists of specialists with long-term experience, who specialise in project management, design, configuration or relay protection calculations as their principal work, and our team also has experts who can fulfil every role if required.

  • Diverse technical capabilities

    Our technical capabilities are highly diverse and we can configure automation equipment from a wide range of different manufacturers.

  • References

    Some of our recent projects.

This service is freely available on the market, so that Elektrilevi competes with all the other providers of the same service.