Transferring electricity from the producer to the customer. Just like other network operators, Elektrilevi is responsible for distributing electricity from the transmission system to places of consumption.

The transmission system operator Elering AS is responsible for ensuring that the Estonian electricity system operates as a whole and that at any given point consumers have a supply of high-quality electricity that meets all standards. Elering is also a transmission system operator that runs transmission services in the high-voltage network at 110-330 kV.

The distribution network at 0.4-35 kV starts after the high-voltage network and the network operator distributes electricity to the consumer's connection point through the distribution network. There are about 35 distribution network operators in Estonia, and Elektrilevi is the largest. It does not make any economic sense to build multiple parallel networks in one place and so every network operator has their own service area. Elektrilevi manages around 61,000 kilometres of 0.4-35 kV transmission lines and more than 22,000 substations at 6-35 kV. Elektrilevi shares some area substations with the transmission system operator.