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  • Estonia's largest network operator
  • Supplying electricity to homes
  • Constructing and maintaining the electricity network

Elektrilevi supplies electricity to almost all households and companies in Estonia. Our role as a network operator is to ensure the constant supply of electricity to our customers. We maintain and repair almost 61,000 kilometres of power lines and more than 22,000 substations.

We have almost 475,000 customers across Estonia. Our network area does not include Lääne county, Viimsi or Narva and its surrounding areas, where electricity is supplied by other network operators.

Network operators manage electricity distribution networks of up to 110 kV, transferring electricity from the transmission system to the consumer. Read more about the whole Estonian electricity system »

The electricity distribution service is not a conventional business because quite simply there is no competition. Building multiple electricity networks in one place does not make economic sense and so network operators across the world act as natural monopolies. For this reason the activity of network operators is also strictly regulated in the open market and monitored by the Competition Authority.

As the largest network operator, we provide a service of strategic importance for society. Our decisions concerning the development of the electricity network and network service are transparent and carefully thought through and we use our resources effectively. We treat all market participants equally in accordance with the Equal Treatment Action Plan.

To ensure our customers a network service that is constant and that runs smoothly, Elektrilevi has set two important goals:

To improve the quality of the electricity supply

For this we must have an electricity network that is reliable and suffers the minimum possible number of breakdowns, and a voltage quality that meets modern standards. The key to meeting this goal is the renovation of the network or the installation of weatherproof underground cables and overhead lines and the building of new substations as detailed in our investment plan. Building a weatherproof network and reducing breakdowns is not something that can be done overnight, and so we also work constantly to make sure that the power supply is restored as quickly as possible following breakdowns. The modern technology we have installed in the network, the information systems and our carefully considered work process are vitally important for this. We maintain our lines and equipment daily to prevent any outages.

To improve the quality of our service

While it can take years before network renovation has visible results, we are already able to offer an improved customer service today. This lets us contact our customers promptly and answer customer calls quickly and professionally. Elektrilevi does everything possible so that work on the network disturbs our customers as little as possible. We are doing more and more work with the lines remaining live, which reduces the time needed for planned outages. Work on the electricity network is done with the help of contract partners, so we can be more flexible and efficient. We prioritise the constant improvement of the work and service processes of our partners to ensure quality service to our customers.

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