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Electrical safety outside your home

  • Inform children of the dangers of electricity outside the home
  • Do not build electric fences under power lines
If you see electrical danger


Electrical dangers

There are also many electrical dangers outside your house, near outside junction boxes, substations and power lines. It is very important that you inform children about these electrical dangers. Although the majority of electricity accidents happen at home, accidents that happen outside are usually extremely serious.

  • Power lines that have fallen on the ground or trees that have fallen on power lines

    Be extra careful with electricity lines that have fallen to the ground after a storm or strong wind and be careful not to touch or approach the lines or any trees or branches that have fallen on the power lines in any way.

Open junction boxes or substation doors

Metal thieves are interested in electricity sites and sometimes they leave the doors of junction boxes and substations open, which puts curious children in danger. For this reason we need you to notify us if you see the doors of junction boxes and substations left open by calling Elektrilevi's fault notification line 1343 as soon as possible.

Do not build electric fences under power lines!

Please also be careful with electric fences near power lines. While an electric fence will normally produce harmless electric impulses to deter animals, it can become a hazard if an electricity line falls on it. In this case the electric fence essentially becomes an extension of the line, which carries high voltage, and there is a grave danger of electric shock, so you should make sure that no electricity line has fallen on the electric fence if you are near one during or after a thunderstorm. If you notice that this has happened, do not under any circumstances approach the line and the electric fence and please notify us of the dangerous situation by calling the fault notification line 1343.

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