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Audit and measurements of an electrical installation

  • Necessary when obtaining authorisation to use a building
  • Required after the renewal of the electrical system of a building
  • Required in apartment buildings every 5 or 10 years
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  • Why is an audit necessary?

    The audit of an electrical installation that certifies the safety and compliance of an electrical system is required when obtaining authorisation to use a building. An authorisation for use is granted only if the audit result is positive.

Why should I order an audit of an electrical installation from Elektrilevi?

The daily operations of Elektrilevi are based on social responsibility. Electrical safety is our daily care and concern. Audited electrical systems are one of the pillars of electrical safety, and an audit of an electrical installation provides assurance to the customer.

  • We are Estonia's largest network operator and we can provide quick quality service across the country.
  • Our service is convenient because, for example, in the case of a new connection, the customer need not look for a separate company authorised to conduct audits.
  • You will receive a complete service – we will conduct an audit and all the required measurements.
  • Our audit guarantees that your electrical system is in good order.

How much does it cost?

Prices depend on the size of the electrical installation and are as follows:

288 euros* 360 euros* 432 euros* ask for a special offer
detached house of up to
150 m2
detached house of up to
250 m2
detached house of
350 m2
other properties
apartment house with up to 15 apartments apartment house with up to 50 apartments apartment house with up to 100 apartments detached house larger than 350 m2
apartment house with more than 100 apartments

* The prices include VAT and the apartment building price is valid for a scheduled audit.

The price of an audit includes electrical measurements of an installation.

A repeat audit (if the previous audit resulted in a qualified opinion) costs 25%–50% of the regular price. We can quote an exact price after receiving your order.

  • Please attach a chart or a drawing of the actual electrical system to your order. Without a chart or drawing we can not perform the audit.

This service is freely available on the market, so that Elektrilevi competes with all the other providers of the same service.