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Eliminating breakdowns

  • Call-out of the repair team
  • There is a failure in the electrical system of the house
  • You want the power supply to be restored
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If there is no power, please first check whether the failure is in the Elektrilevi network or in the electrical system of your home.

Always begin from your home electrical system when identifying the cause of a breakdown. Before you call our fault notification line, please check whether your whole house is without power. Then have a look at the main fuse and meter and check if your neighbours have power. Once you are certain that the breakdown is in our network, call the fault notification line 1343. Read more about what to do when there is no power »

  • If our repair team arrives and identifies a breakdown in the electrical system of your apartment or house, you will have to pay for the call-out. The call-out of the repair team costs 25.40 euros.
  • If the repair team arrives and it is discovered that the issue is in the electrical system that belongs to you, if you want, you can then ask us to repair the fault. We will eliminate the breakdown in the electrical system of the house. The price of the service is 75.40 euros and covers cost of the calling-out the repair team and up to 30 minutes of work on repairing the breakdown. Every additional 30 minutes costs 35 euros. You should also pay for any additional materials required for the repairs.
  • Upon your request we will also replace your overhead line. The price of 275.40 euros includes up to two hours work and the maximum of one span of weather-resistant overhead cable (up to 40 metres) along with the cost of calling-out the repair team.

This service is freely available on the market, so that Elektrilevi competes with all the other providers of the same service.