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Electricity consumption data

  • You want to save electricity
  • You want feedback on consumption
  • You want an energy label for your house

Consumption history lets you make various comparisons if you want to save electricity and want to know how much electricity you actually consume. This might be because you have replaced your domestic appliances with ones that consume less energy and you want to compare the power consumption before and now. You can also compare the electricity consumption of your various points of consumption.

You need a consumption notice when you apply for an energy label for your house or if you are conducting an energy audit.

  • How to read the electricity consumption graph

    Your consumption history displays your electricity consumption for recent years on a graph. You can add data from all your places of consumption to your graph one by one or put them all together for comparison. Each place of consumption is shown as a separate line on the graph.

  • What is a consumption notice?

    A consumption notice is a report covering data for your consumption for the past three years. Consumption data are presented for each month. The notice will help you in applying for an energy label and conducting an energy audit.