Electricity test

The pre-requisite for worry-free electricity consumption is the right size main fuse. Test your home appliance consumption and find out if your current main fuse is the right size or should you consider replacing it. Electricity test is a convenient option for the first quick and affordable digital consultation without ordering an electrician.

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What are the benefits of an electricity test?

Save on excessive network charges

The electricity test shows whether the selected main fuse corresponds to your current consumption load or it is too large and you could save on excessive network charges by reducing the main fuse.

Overview of the consumption of different devices

Do you know how much electricity your home appliances consume? The electricity test helps to assess whether the addition of a new large appliance to the household also requires greater main fuse.

More even load distribution

The electricity test provides information on the risk of overloading and switching off the fuses. The solution may be to increase the main fuse or to distribute the load more evenly in the home electricity network.

How much does electricity test cost?

Single test

0,49 €

To measure maximum consumption, provides an overview of the distribution of consumption between phases.

24 hour package

11,99 €

You can perform the test within 24 hours as many times as you wish. Suitable choice for measuring the consumption of different devices.

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Electrical test steps

Select the place of consumption

Choose between consumption points on your name.

Choose the pricing package

There is a one-time and 24-hour package available. Payment for the test is made via an invoice.
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Prepare your devices

Turn devices on or off, depending on which devices you want to test.

Begin the test

The measurement lasts up to 3 minutes.


Read the measurement results and recommendations. The results are saved under your previous measurements.

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Electricity test

Electricity test packages

Electricity test packages allow to perform various measurements:

A one-time test helps to find out:

  • why the fuse switches off
  • which main fuse is most suitable
  • necessary to increase the main fuse when adding an additional device
  • Turn on all appliances in the household. Then perform the measurement.

    The test report reflects the maximum consumption of the household and the distribution of consumption between the phases. The results will help you decide if your current main fuse is the right size or should be increased/decreased according to your consumption load. The test also shows whether a more even distribution of consumption between phases could be considered instead of increasing the main fuse.

    24-hour test is suitable when:

  • you want to know how much electricity your different devices consume
  • You want to find out the reason that may be behind the sudden increase in electricity bill
  • During the 24-hour test, you can perform various measurements according to your needs by switching on the devices within a 24-hour interval. The result of the test provides an overview of the consumers in your household and helps to identify the device (s) that have started consuming more electricity than usual.