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Generator rent

  • A temporary solution to supply electricity
  • Power of up to 40 kVA (up to 63A)
  • Order at least two working days in advance

Renting a generator is a good solution especially for scheduled outages if you need electricity during the outage. Quick rental is possible during unscheduled outages if we have a available generator and can deliver it at a time suited to you. A generator can also be rented for temporary short-term use (e.g. for an event).

We rent generators of up to 40 kVA (up to 63A).

How much does it cost?

Generator rent for 24h costs 300 euros (including VAT).

The price includes delivery, installation, instructions and a test run. We will collect the generator after the rental period.

The generator device has sockets for connecting your cables.

The price does not include the cost of diesel fuel. A generator is delivered with a full tank and must be returned with a full tank. A full tank (120 l) is enough for about 12 hours of work at maximum capacity.

This service is freely available on the market, so that Elektrilevi competes with all the other providers of the same service.