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Procurement tenders

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Elektrilevi does a lot of its work on the electricity network with the help of its partners and by organising procurement tenders to ensure the best possible price, quality and flexibility. We work with around 70 partner companies to build and maintain the electricity network, clear line corridors and purchase equipment and materials for the electricity network.

On this page you will find the information about Elektrilevi's completed and current procurement tenders and the requirements for bidders and bids. Here you can also find the standard requirements for the performance and acceptance of work, the standard terms and conditions of a tender contract and a list of the materials and equipment that Elektrilevi accepts.

Our procurements, the estimated cost of which is at least €600 for items, services and construction work, can be found in the electronic register of public procurements.

NB The Estonian Public Procurement Register has been completely upgraded and is accessible from 22 October.

Please see the general video guide to obtain an overview of the new register and the оapplicant video guide to see how submitting your tender has become simpler.

List of our procurements in register of public procurements »
Procurement documents »
Procurements on the company's website »
Procurement plan (PDF) »


In order to receive automatic notifications about the construction tenders listed on the website, please send your request to, and put "Kodulehe ehitustööde hangete meililist" in the subject line, and in the email body list the email addresses you wish the notifications to be sent to.