Changes in the network fee

A readiness or fixed fee will apply to places of zero or near zero consumption from 2018

  • The reference year will be the previous year, i.e. 2017, and the fee will be applied if the customer consumed up to 250 kWh during that year. You can view your consumption history here »
  • The monthly fixed fee will be 1.5 euros for most apartments and 3–5 euros for detached houses depending on the main fuse.

The limit for the annual consumption volume is somewhat conditional, but it is the electricity consumption volume typical to places of consumption not permanently lived in. In such places, the client's contribution to maintaining a network connection has been zero or very small until now and this influences the network fee paid by other customers.

Why were the changes necessary?

The main purpose of the changes is to secure the lowest possible price for network services in the long term. For this we need a network that meets the actual needs of customers. In other words, we should not be maintaining excess network capacity.

Our network currently covers about 57,000 consumption points that do not use or use very little electricity, but want to keep the network ready to supply. There are also over-dimensioned network capacities – main fuses with unnecessarily high ratings that affect the costs of the network company and therefore also the service price when the network is being upgraded. The changes will give us a better estimate of the network locations and capacities that our customers need and this helps us keep the service price as low as possible.

Price of Elektrilevi network service changed on 1 November 2017

  • Due to price changes at Elering, the price list for Elektrilevi network services changed on 1 November.
  • The average price of the network service decreased by 2.3%.
  • The price decrease mainly concerns the kWh rates for transmission fees, fees for medium voltage power usage, and reactive energy fees.
  • The change does not concern the monthly fees and network connection capacity fees (kW or A fees) established on 1 July or fees for low voltage power usage (in the VMA1 and VMA2 packages).
  • The conditions and principles for the application of the fees have not changed.
  • Customers can still check which package is the most suitable for them with the help of the package calculator.
  • The price list applicable from 1 November is available here »

The prices of Elektrilevi's network services have changed from 1 July 2017.

The average price of network services decreased due to Elektrilevi's increased efficiency. There are also a number of changes in the pricing model. Customers can check which package is the most suitable for them with the help of the package calculator.

What changed for residential customers?

  • The kWh price of the network service remains the sam for Network 1 (Võrk 1) and Network 2 (Võrk 2) packages, which do not include a monthly fee.
  • A new network package is added: Network 2 with a monthly fee (Võrk 2 kuutasuga).

  • The network fee decreased, as a rule, in Network 3 (Võrk 3) and Network 4 (Võrk 4) packages, which include a monthly fee. The fee components also changed: the current monthly and amperage fees (applicable until 30 June) have been replaced by a single monthly fee depending on the main fuse in detached houses and remain the same for most apartments.
  • For network connections of up to 63 A, the main fuse rating can be reduced free of charge until the end of March 2018. The appropriate main fuse rating can be chosen using the main fuse calculator.

What changed for companies?

For network connections of over 63 A on low or medium voltage:

  • The average price dropped about 8%.

    The network fee will be reduced for most energy-intensive businesses.

  • New pricing model

    Until 30 June, a company pays for network services, a transmission fee, a reactive energy fee and, as a fixed component, an amperage fee or fee for power usage depending on the capacity the company is using. From 1 July, the fixed price component depends on the number of network connections and the contractual reserved network capacity for the customer.

  • Detailed information on changes for business customers with prices applicable from 1 July:

    • On a low voltage line on a line over 63A

    • On a low voltage line at a substation over 63A

    • On a medium voltage line

    • Information on changes for electricity producers

    • Medium voltage at a 100 kV substation

    • Fee for power usage.