The Price of the Network Service

Calculation of the network fee

The network fee covers both investments and the cost of the maintenance and repair works that ensure the reliability of the power network. The network service covers the ability of the system to ensure electricity transmission or consumption and the maintenance of its infrastructure, and also the transmission of electricity to places of consumption such as private homes.

How often is the network fee changed?
The network fees that determine the level of investment in the power network are agreed by Elektrilevi and the Competition Authority for a period of three years.

Once a year, the Competition Authority reviews the network fees using a set formula to ensure a reasonable network fee that reflects real costs and as a result the network fees are adjusted annually. The Competition Authority sets the prices using agreed methods in order to ensure a reasonable price for network services that reflects actual expenses. Changes in pricing can be initiated by either a network operator or the Competition Authority.

Network fees can also change outside the regular adjustments if there is a change in costs beyond the control of the network operator such as the price of Elering's transmission service.