Information Systems for the Partner

Here you will find tools that will help you to simplify your daily work.

  • Geographic information system for network information designers
  • Drafting software for submitting circuit diagram corrections to the builders
  • Adding substations to your navigation device
  • Selection of Information Systems

    Elektrilevi's Geographic Information System Browser is meant for power network construction partners. To acquire the access, a Webmap Use Agreement must be entered.

    Geographic Information System Use Agreement and Registration Form

    To apply for access to the Webmap, please refer to the Elektrilevi Information Systems Use Agreement, fill out the user registration form and send them digitally signed to the e-mail address After that, we will issue you a username and password.

  • Elektrilevi's Information System Agreement Form (doc) »
  • Annex 1 of the Agreement. Available Information Systems (doc) »
  • Annex 2 of the Agreement. Representatives of the User (doc) »
  • Use of the Geographic Information System

    You must have Internet Explorer 6 or later installed on your computer to use the Geographic Information System Browser Webmap.

    Technical requirements for the computer:

  • processor min Pentium 1500
  • at least 512 MB of RAM
  • OS Windows XP Pro SP2 or later
  • To ensure the quality of network data, we want to eliminate the conflicts between the database and reality. If you discover a data error in the Webmap Environment, please report it

    Instructions for submitting a data error:

  • type the device description in the title / subject line of the email (for example: AJ Pärna F1; AJ Lontova F2 m15)
  • describe the problem as precisely as possible in the body of the message (for example: LK is actually on the mast 15; In Pärna AJ F1, real circuit breaker size 125A)
  • NB!Be sure to include a circuit diagram or drawing to illustrate the problem!

    Elektrilevi provides its partners with CAD drawing software CADS, which enables quick and convenient submissions of electrical and network diagram corrections.

    In order to use the Software, you must enter into a Software Use Agreement, the content and cost of this can be found in the form below. If you would like to sign a contract, fill in the registration form and send it digitally signed to If you have any questions, ask your question at the same email address or call 5757 0973.

    Drawing Software Use Agreement, User Registration Form and Instructions

  • User Registration Form »
  • Software Use Agreement Form »
  • Drawing Software CADS User Guide »
  • Drawing Software CADS Configuration File Installation Guide »
  • After submitting the user registration form, we enter into an agreement and provide you with a username and password. A user with a valid contract has the right to download the latest version of the software from the importer's website at any time.

    If you are using an older version than CADS 18, you will need to install an additional configuration file to use the drawing environment and diagram sheet forms of the software prepared by Elektrilevi:

  • Elektrilevi Configuration File (P-13.07.15 Client) (zip) »
  • CADS18 Configuration File (.zip) »
  • Contact Details

    Requirements for Formatting Specific Functions and Circuit Diagram Corrections for Elektrilevi:

    Elo Kõiv
    5757 0973

    General Software Functionality:

    Kymdata OY Customer Support
    682 8574
    Skype: CADS-Planner

    For convenient navigation of electrical installations, we provide partners with both OV2-type files compatible with TomTom navigation devices and CSV files for use on other devices. The files are accompanied by a user manual and a list of device types represented.

    Suitable Files for Download »

    Files can be accessed with a username and password. If you have access to the circuit diagram pages, you can use the same login information to enter the environment. If you do not have them, ask for the access at

    The download files use the WSG84 coordinate system. The data in the files is automatically updated daily at 05:00.

    Elektrilevi has tested the TomTom Navigation devices One and 720 for electrical installation navigation. For other devices, Elektrilevi data compatibility cannot be guaranteed because the devices have not been tested.