Investments by County

Investments in Harju County 2016

Planned investments

14.1 m eur

Number of substations to be renovated


Power lines to be renewed

470 km

Larger investment projects in Harju County

  • Renovation of the Hiiu distribution substation
  • Renovation of the Uus Mustamäe substation
  • Renovation of the Kuusalu substation
  • Construction of the Tiskre distribution substation
  • Installation of equipment in the Laagri substation
  • Upgrade of underground cables of the Elektrijaama and Elavhõbe substations in Tallinn
  • Upgrade of the Kehra-Kose line
  • Renovation of distribution substation No. 196 in Tallinn
  • Installation of equipment in the Ellamaa substation
  • Upgrade of the Maidla-Keila line
  • Upgrade of the Jõgisoo-Keila line
  • Upgrade of the Kotka-Loksa line
  • Upgrade of the Pikavere-Raasiku line
  • Upgrade of the Vääna-Keila-Joa line
  • Upgrade of the Õie-Tabasalu line
  • Upgrade of the Kakumäe-Tabasalu line
  • Upgrade of the Türisalu-Keila-Joa line
  • Upgrade of the Lehola-Elevaatori line
  • Upgrade of the Paldiski-Rannavälja line
  • Upgrade of the Ellamaa and Riisipere lines
  • Upgrade of the Elektrijaama substation line
  • Upgrade of the Veskimetsa substation lines
  • Upgrade of the Tõnismäe substation lines
  • Upgrade of the Ranna substation lines
  • Upgrade of the Elektrijaama substation line
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  • 60,500 km of power lines
  • 24,300 substations
  • 500,000 customers

Elektrilevi makes investments to ensure the continuity of the power supply with a horizon of about 40 years. In the risk analyses behind our investment decisions, we apply state-of-the-art big data analysis models that help us identify the most critical sections of power line, which affect the largest numbers of customers and can result in the largest overall damage to society, and we ensure that every euro invested in the power grid has a maximum impact.

When selecting what to invest in, we have to make the best choices considering Estonia as a whole. When preparing our investment plan, we consider the number of customers supplied by the line or substation and any providers of vital services, the condition of the line and the likelihood of a breakdown, the natural conditions, other infrastructure reconstruction plans, and many other factors.

Investments that are smarter and more efficient than average are extremely important for Elektrilevi, because a single Estonian electricity consumer has to support more than twice the amount of the power grid compared to a Dutch or German consumer. We have to guarantee an acceptable level of supply security for all our customers in a situation where 60% of the power grid is located in scattered settlement areas and only 4% of the total electricity in the network is consumed from this part of the grid.

Whether we have managed to target our investments well is best shown by the improvement in our customers' power supply. Over the past five years, the number of breakdowns has decreased by well over one-third and the average duration of outages due to breakdowns per household has more than halved . Elektrilevi wants to transfer its customers to a weather-proof network where 90% of the customers will have less than 104 minutes of total outages (scheduled and unscheduled) in a year.

In 2015

  • We invested 93.3 million euros in the provision of network services,
  • built 1,907 km of weather-proof power lines and 342 new substations,
  • and 67% of the households in the Elektrilevi network have remotely read meters.
  • What do we invest in?

    Our investments are divided between weather-proof underground and overhead lines, new substations and remotely read meters. Currently, the bulk of breakdowns are caused by trees falling on the lines during strong wind, snow, glazed frost and thunder. To reduce the dependence of the safety of network on weather, we replace old bare overhead lines with underground cables. On low-voltage lines we also use modern overhead cables that are much more weather-proof compared to traditional lines and can even endure fallen trees.

  • How do we make investment decisions?

    To invest funds where they will have the greatest impact and ensure a balanced development of the network, we renew the electricity network on the basis of a balanced investment plan. The investment plan is also submitted to the Estonian Competition Authority.

  • How do we finance our investments?

    We can finance our investments from network fees or borrowed funds. Most of the investment budget comes from cash flows from daily business operations, i.e. network fees.