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Services of a cable specialist

  • Locating power cables on a property
  • Owner supervision of power cables
  • Safe work near power cables

Locating power cables on a property

Before planning any excavation work, we advise you to locate the power cables to ensure safety and prevent damage. If you want to know where the power cables are on your or another owner's property, our specialist can show you and mark the location of the cables on the site.

This service does not entitle you to start excavation work – you will need permission from the owner of the cable. To excavate in a protected cable zone owned by Elektrilevi, you can apply for permission here »

Owner supervision of power cables

Owner supervision of power cables refers to the owner's responsibility to organise the inspection of power cables, which consists of ensuring that power cables have been installed properly. Properly installed cables are part of the compliance of a building and are required before issuing the authorisation to use the building.

The price for both services on this page is 42 euros per hour (including the travel time to and from the site). The minimum working time is 1 hour, after which the service price is based on 0.5-hour periods.

For more information on how to order these services:

  • Northern region (Tallinn, Harjumaa, Pärnu, Pärnumaa, Saaremaa ja Hiiumaa) –, phone. 46 54 600.
  • Southern region (Raplamaa, Järvamaa, Lääne-Virumaa, Jõhvi, Ida- Virumaa, Jõgevamaa, Tartu, Tartumaa, Põlvamaa, Valgamaa, Võrumaa, Viljandimaa) –, phone. 46 54 500.

These are a free market services and so Elektrilevi competes with all other providers of the same services.