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How to prevent damage to electrical appliances

  • General advice on safety
  • What causes damage in the electricity network?
  • How can I protect my appliances?

We recommend you to evaluate the risks and take measures to prevent damage to your electrical appliances. For safety reasons, electrical appliances sold in the European Union have mandatory CE-marking. CE-marking only pertains to safety, it does not indicate product quality, working order or intended use. A product without CE-marking may be hazardous. We advise not to use old or new electrical appliances that do not have CE-marking. This way you can ensure essential safety in your home.

What causes disturbances in the electricity network?

The electrical network is like a living organism where something is always going on. There are inevitably disturbances that can damage electrical appliances. Disturbances can occur as a result of power line breakdowns, work being done on the power grid or natural occurrences, such as electrical storms.

The most common disturbances in the electricity network include:

  • power surges caused by electrical storms or switching;
  • voltage dips caused by switching, faults or when electric motors start up;
  • planned outages or breakdowns caused by faults in the electricity network.
  • The effect of electricity network disturbances on household appliances

    Disturbances in the electricity network can damage sensitive electronic equipment and other property. Electric shocks caused by faulty equipment are life threatening and can cause harm to people's health and to animals.

  • Protection devices

    Protection devices protect people and animals from possible electric shock, and electrical appliances from damage. The best protection measure depends on how important, sensitive or valuable the electrical appliances are; what condition the electricity network connected to the place of consumption is in; and how critical a constant or uninterrupted supply of electricity is to the household or business (e.g. an animal farm). Correctly installed protection devices can improve the reliability and safety of electrical appliances.