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Compensation for damage

  • If the electricity network has caused damage to your property
  • Submitting an application for compensation for damage

Occasional disturbances in the power network are inevitable. These may occur as a result of switching or power line breakdowns, as well natural occurrences, such as electrical storms. Not all damage caused by failures in the network is compensated. If your property is damaged by an event caused or controlled by the power network, then please send us an application containing a claim for compensation for damages.

Useful information

  • Make sure that no other electrical appliances have been damaged.
  • Make sure that the damage was not caused by lightning or a fault in your own electricity system.
  • If animals suffered harm, please contact our customer service as soon as possible, as there are special rules that cover such cases.
  • We will pay compensation for the cost of repairs if it is identified that we are in breach of our obligations under the network agreement.

Steps for applying for compensation for damage

  • Submit an application in our e-service

  • Processing an application

  • Informing you about our decision

  • Compensation for damage

Preventing damage

The owner of the place of consumption has to pay for damages that we cannot avoid, such as damage caused by lightning, storms, voltage spikes or failure within the electrical system in the place of consumption. You can prevent these types of damage with special protection equipment. Preventing damage »

Property insurance

Estonian insurance companies offer protection against damage caused by electrical failure in the electricity network. When insuring your property we advise you to choose an insurance company that covers the risk of damage to electrical equipment.