We recommend the following procedure for checking fuses:


You should generally start by checking the main distribution box inside the house or, in an old house, the meter box.

The main distribution box contains group fuses (either circuit breakers or screw-plug thermal fuses). In some cases the group fuses and the main fuse will be found in the same distribution box.


Check whether the fuses are operational.

When a thermal fuse has blown so that you cannot see its metal end piece or control plug, it is broken. The picture shows an operational thermal fuse and a blown fuse.

If the fuse has blown, you can buy a new safety plug at an electrical appliances store, and if it blows again, there is a short circuit in your electricity system. In this case you should call an electrical company for a certified electrician to come and find the cause of the breakdown.


3. If your group fuses are circuit breakers, make sure that they are switched on.

A group fuse can consist of a circuit breaker or, if you have multi-phase current, several interconnected circuit breakers. If the main fuse is switched off (the lever is in the OFF position), try switching it on first. If the circuit breaker is in an in-between position, first bring it to the OFF position and then try switching it on again. Positions may also be marked as I (on) and 0 (off). If the fuse switches off again, call for an electrician from an electrical company.

The image shows a single-phase and three-phase circuit breaker.


If your group fuses are working, check the main fuse.

The main fuse will often be in the junction box outside the house, but it can also be in the same distribution box as the group fuses. The main fuse can also be a thermal fuse or a circuit breaker.

If switching on the main fuse or replacing the thermal fuse does not solve the problem, proceed in the same way as you would with group fuses.

Work on main fuses needs the seals to be removed, which must be ordered from Elektrilevi.


If the main distribution box of the house and the junction box are working properly, there may well be a breakdown in the distribution network, so Elektrilevi needs to be contacted by calling 1343.