The power supply may be interrupted from time to time. This is inevitable and stems from the construction of the electricity grid. Faults can be caused by both switching and faults, but also by force majeure, such as thunder.


  • If we do not rectify the fault within the time required by law, we will automatically reduce the network service fee on your invoice. The reduction in network charges will be reflected on the invoice of the month following the next at the latest.
  • However, if an event caused or controlled by us has caused damage to your property, we will compensate for the damage caused to you.
  • My property has been damaged due to incident caused by Elektrilevi.

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    Grounds for reimbursement

    There are always three aspects for analysing damages related to power outages.

  • The damage was caused by Elektrilevi or by an event controlled by us in the electricity network. So called force majeure events such as thunderstorms or severe storms causing interruptions which cannot be prevented by Elektrilevi. Interruptions caused by your own electrical system do not qualify for condition 1 either.
  • If condition 1 (ie the damage was caused by an event controlled by us, Elektrilevi), is met, the condition must also satisfy at least one of the following conditions:

  • The interruption caused a surge in the voltage of your electrical system that exceeds the legal limit.
  • Elimination of the interruption took longer than required by law for a specific period (12 h in summer and 16 h in winter).
  • Submitting claim for damages

    Submit a claim

    A claim can comfortably be submitted in self-service.


    After receiving the application, we will investigate the loss event. If necessary, we will contact you again to clarify the circumstances of the loss event.

    Communication of the result

    We will notify you of the decision within 12 working days at the latest.

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    Reduction of network fees

    If we have not eliminated the power outage within the legal timeframe, we will reduce your network service fee on your invoice.

  • We reduce the network fee if the power outage is longer than permitted by law.
  • There is no need to file a claim to reduce the network fee, we will automatically reduce the network fee.
  • Interruption elimination times

    Period Timeframe for elimination
    of unexpected interruption
    Total time for
    scheduled interruptions
    Summer time (1. April – 30. September) Within 12 hours Up to 10 hours
    Winter time (1. October – 31. March) Within 16 hours Up to 8 hours
    In the case of extraordinary events (e.g. strong winds, ice, floods, storms), regarding which information is published on the Elektrilevi website and in the press. Within 72 h as from the end of the emergency event

    Permitted interruption lengths

    There may be up to 50 hours of unexpected interruptions and up to 64 hours of planned interruptions per consumption point per year. The length of permitted interruptions and the amount of compensation are set by regulation of the Minister for Economic Affairs and Communications.

  • Single interruption
    The indemnification will be reflected at the latest on your following invoice.
  • Interruptions during the year
    The compensation is calculated once a year after the end of the calendar year and is included in the first quarterly network service invoice at the latest.
  • Indemnification rates

    Indemnification rates depend on the place of consumption and the length of time it took to eliminate the interruption:

    Place of consumption Exceeding allowed time (in hours)
    Up to 48 h 48–96 h 96 h
    Low voltage consumption up to 63 A,
    (home customer and small business)
    24.00 € 48.00 € 72.00 €
    Low voltage consumption of more than 63 A,
    (large business)
    0.40 €/A 0.80 €/A 1.15 €/A
    Place of consumption, medium voltage 2.30 €/kW 4.60 €/kW 6.90 €/kW

    Compensation for voltage problems

    Voltage quality problems can occur on rural electrical lines that have been built before 1980. Signs of a voltage problem can for example be lightbulbs not lighting at their full intensity or being able to turn appliances on only one at a time. If you suspect that your place of consumption has a voltage quality problem, please let us know by e-mail at [email protected] and describe as accurately as possible, since when and how the voltage deviation occurs.

    If it is found that the voltage does not conform to the standard, we will lower the network fee by up to 80%.

    As a network company, we have to ensure the quality of voltage up to the connection point of a place of consumption. We determine the required voltage based on the Estonian standard EVS-EN 50160:2010.

    Read more about the voltage standard

    Read more about the steps

    Claim form in e-service »

    For more information on how to file a claim, please call our customer service 777 1545.

    After submitting your claim:

  • If necessary, we will contact you to clarify the circumstances of the loss event.
  • We will verify the connection of the described event with the events in our electricity grid at the same time.
  • We will respond within 12 working days of receiving your application.

    We will communicate the results and, if necessary, agree on the next steps.
    In the event of a indemnification decision, we will agree to repair the equipment or, if repair is not possible, to purchase a new equivalent. If the damage was caused by a reason that is not indemnified, we will provide you with feedback. We also share instructions on how to protect your electrical equipment in the future. Read more »

  • When making a decision on compensation for a claim for damages, we follow the principles of compensation for damages of Elektrilevi (pdf) »
  • If you have received a positive decision on compensation for damages, please submit additional documents:

  • A defect statement prepared by a repairer or inspector of the equipment or an estimate of the cost of the new equipment.
  • Repair or purchase invoice.
  • Compensation will be credited to your bank account within 5 calendar days of receipt of valid documentation.

  • Form of the defect statement (doc) »
  • • Necessary documents for indemnification of damages (pdf) »
  • If you disagree with the decision on indemnification, you have the right to file an claim for review by the special committee. The special claims committee is an independent claims litigation committee consisting of experts from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, the Consumer Protection and Tallinn University of Technology in addition to representatives of Elektrilevi.

    If the damage to the electrical equipment is caused by a fault in our electrical network or another event under our control, we will reimburse the costs of repairing the equipment. If it is impossible or impractical to repair the device, we will reimburse you for the cost of obtaining equivalent equipment in terms of price, quality and functionality. When reimbursing repair costs and purchasing a new device, we will indemnify the damage at the following rates depending on the age of the damaged device.

    Damaged electrical equipment

    Age in years Up to 1 1-2 2-3 3-4 4-6 6-10 Over 10
    Compensation rate 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 40% 20%

    Damaged IT equipment (computers, monitors, printers, etc.)

    Age in years Up to 1 1-2 2-3 üle 3
    Compensation rate 100% 70% 40% 20%

    The following are not subject to compensation

  • loss of income;
  • damage caused by force majeure or other effects beyond our control;
  • damage caused by the operating voltage and frequency of the damaged equipment not complying with European standards (low voltage 230/400 V);
  • damage due to non-compliance with special requirements specified in the device documentation;
  • damage caused by an event in the electricity network in the form of rapid voltage changes;
  • 3-phase damage to electrical equipment, such as a 3-phase electric motor, as appropriate protection devices must be used to prevent such damage (motor protection, undervoltage protection, phase control relay, etc. protection devices that prevent damage to the electrical equipment in the event of a phase failure);
  • damage caused by the electrical system belonging to the owner of the place of consumption.