Interruption information

Power failures known to us can be found on the interruptions map, and we also inform you about them through the MARU application and by SMS. If you have already received a notification from us, you do not need to report the failure.

Notify us through the MARU application

Through MARU, you can easily let us know if there is no electricity at your point of consumption. To use MARU, go to By logging in to the application, you can see failure notifications related to your point of consumption, and you can notify Elektrilevi if there is no power at your point of consumption.

Read more » Report a failure through MARU

By calling the failure line 1343

If you have not received a message about an interruption, you can let us know about the power outage by calling 1343.

  • When you call to the failure phone, you will first hear from the answering machine about the interruptions known to us.
  • If the answering machine message does not respond to an interruption in your area, please remain on the line and you will be connected to customer service.
  • Call 1343

    Interruptions answering machine

    The answering machine has interruption information for your area

  • The breakdown is being fixed, no interruption reporting is required
  • The answering machine does not have have interruption information for your area

  • Wait until you are connected to a customer service representative.
  • Tell the exact address or location information. Describe what is problem is it for example a tree on the power line.
  • We will record the interruption and let you know when the breakdown is expected to be resolved.
  • Learn more about how interruption information reaches us

    How much does troubleshooting cost?

    Troubleshooting in Elektrilevi network


    However, if on arrival, it turns out that the fault is in your electrical system, the following prices apply


    29.90 €

    Repair works up to 30 minutes

    62.40 €

    Every following 30 minutes

    35 €

    How does the interruption information reach Elektrilevi

    The speed of finding out about a power failure is the most important thing in the promptness of eliminating it. Here we are assisted by state-of-the-art technology, information systems and increasingly efficient work processes.

    Thanks to smart technology, we usually automatically know about medium voltage failures. The medium voltage network is made "visible" to us by remotely read electricity meters, allowing us to quickly determine the extent of the failure.

    We react quickly to medium voltage failures – it is often possible to separate a faulty line section from the rest of the network by means of switches installed in it, and then we can deal with the elimination of the failure. This means that we can restore power to the rest of the consumers more quickly.

    The low voltage network is not automated yet, therefore we can only know about low voltage failures through customer calls or the MARU application.

    Since in the event of a low voltage failure, it is not possible to determine the extent of it quickly, it is sometimes necessary to check many kilometres of power lines to locate the failure, which means that it can take several hours from forwarding failure messages until restoration of power. It is also more difficult to predict how long it will take to eliminate a failure in the low voltage network.