The European Union and Estonia want to promote more efficient energy use and make it simpler for the open electricity market to function, and this means that electricity consumption will need to be remotely measured in the future. The Grid Code states that all standard electricity meters in Estonia must be replaced by remotely read meters by the end of 2016.

Installation and use of remote meters

See how remote meters are being installed over the coming four years in the places of consumption of Elektrilevi customers. The video explains the switch to the remote reading system in detail and gives advice on how you should submit your readings during the transitional period. It also tells you about the remote reading project in general and the benefits it will bring to you.

Advantages of remote meter reading

Advantages of remote meter reading for customers

  • You will no longer have to submit your meter readings at regular intervals. The power supply can be restored more quickly after outages as the network operator will have more precise information about faults in the network.
  • Billing will be based on the electricity you actually consume and we will not have to estimate your electricity consumption any longer.
  • It will be faster and easier to change to another electricity seller in the open market.

Advantages of remote meter reading for the network operator

  • The network operator will get more precise information about the network and will be able to restore the power supply more quickly after outages.
  • Having a better view of the network load will allow the operator to make better-focused investment plans.

Social and economic advantages of remote meter reading

  • Competition will be made easier, keeping prices for electricity down as sellers look to create and sell different packages.
  • Energy use will be more efficient and sustainable.

Installation of remotely read meters for Elektrilevi's customers
Elektrilevi will install 630,000 remotely read meters during the four years of transition to remote meter reading. Ericsson Eesti won the international tender to be our partner and to install the electricity meters.
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How do remotely read meters work?
Remotely read meters measure electricity consumption by the hour. The Electricity Market Act set this as the time interval because the price of electricity on the open market can change for each hour.
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Frequently asked questions about remotely read meters »

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions about the new meters and remote meter reading here, and the answers to those questions will help you understand in detail how remote meter reading works.