The extensive project, during which we will install nearly 630,000 new meters, will be carried out with our partner Ericsson Eesti.

We will use meters supplied by Landis+Gyr, a leading manufacturer of metering systems, which has also produced remotely read meters for network operators in neighbouring countries like Finland and Sweden. Elektrilevi will be working closely with Ericsson Eesti and Landis+Gyr to roll out this major project as smoothly as possible.

How will we inform you about the replacement of your meter?

  • Ericsson will contact you by email, post or telephone a week or two before we intend to replace your meter to agree a time when they can do the work and to establish whether you have to be present to provide access to the electricity meter.
  • Where all the meters in an apartment building are to be replaced and access to such meters is available without the presence of the customer, Ericsson shall inform the apartment association / the building administrator and a notice shall be posted on the building's notification board.
  • Although it actually takes about 15–30 minutes to change a meter, we will generally schedule two hours for it to give us the flexibility and efficiency needed for such a large project.
  • Ericsson will replace your meter with a new one at the time you have agreed. The power will be cut off for a short time while they do this.
  • After replacing your meter the electrician will give you a form showing the work done and a user manual for the electricity meter and will explain how to take the readings from the new meter if necessary.
  • We will send the information about the installation of meters to our contract-holding customers. This means that if the network services contract was signed by the apartment owners' association or the manager of an apartment building, that is who we will contact with all the information about meter replacement.

    NB! Replacement of the meter does not mean that remote meter reading at your place of consumption will start at once.

    We will be replacing meters region by region. Remote meter reading will start when we have replaced all the electricity meters belonging to the same substation in a region and built the infrastructure for data sending.

    If your current meter comes due for testing before we have started replacing meters in your region, we will replace it with a remotely read meter before we replace the rest of the meters in the region, but remote reading will only start when we have done all the other meters and built the infrastructure.

    Because we will replace meters when they are due for testing, the time between the installation of a meter suitable for remote reading and the moment remote reading actually starts will vary from customer to customer. In some cases it may be that remote meter reading starts a couple of years after a meter has been replaced. Doing it this way complicates the organisation of the project, but will be more cost-effective in the end.

    This means that having your meter replaced does not automatically mean that you no longer have to submit meter readings because we will have to connect your meter to the information system and make the transition to remote meter reading.

    We will inform each customer individually when remote reading starts and they no longer have to submit meter readings. Until then, readings have to be submitted alsoeven after the change of the meter.