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Fast Internet for communications service providers

Elektrilevi has begun establishing an Internet network, allowing homes to have access to Internet and TV services that need a fast connection. The new high-quality fibre optic cable-based broadband connection is less influenced by weather conditions, reception and other factors that affecting service quality.

Wholesale-level access to Elektrilevi's access network for communications service operators

  • After completion of the access network, Elektrilevi will guarantee access to a passive broadband infrastructure for communications service operators at Elektrilevi's access points.
  • Elektrilevi will make the preliminary completion schedule of the access network according to settlement unit publicly accessible on the website.
  • Access is guaranteed on a fair and non-discriminatory basis for all communications service operators. Equivalent connection terms and prices have been implemented under the same conditions for communications service operators.

What kind of technology does Elektrilevi use?

  • The access network is a passive P2P PON, which, as a rule, is connected to the operators' network through splitters.
  • The access network established using a support measure is connected to a freely accessible core network in a way that does not require any further construction work such as the construction and regularisation of utility lines (the operator's signal must reach the predetermined point of the core network, or in special circumstances independently to Elektrilevi's access point).
  • Sufficient network resources from the freely accessible core network to the access network are guaranteed for at least five communications service operators.
  • Access networks, which are established without a support measure, are connected to the nearest core network, which may have accessibility limitations and for which Elektrilevi is not responsible.
  • The splitters of Elektrilevi's access network are located at Elektrilevi's access point (FCP) which only Elektrilevi or its authorised representative can access.
  • Depending on the area and/or need, 1:2-1:64 splitters are used in the access point.
    ELV does not install OLT or ONU devices.
  • Operators are guaranteed physically separated fibres from the access point to the end user (a pair of fibres in special circumstances).

  • What happens after the connection?

    Elektrilevi will build an operator-neutral access network where all communications service operators can provide services. Elektrilevi itself does not provide such services.

  • How much does it cost to join the network?

  • Where will Elektrilevi's communications cable go?

  • How to join?

    We will inform communications service operators that have signed a memorandum of collaboration and a non-disclosure agreement with Elektrilevi regarding the planned areas.