Disclosure of customer data

Elektrilevi primarily processes customer data under Article 14(1)(4) of the Personal Data Protection Act, which means that we have the right to use such data for fulfilling our side of the contract or otherwise making sure that this is done. The law does not require us to receive a separate consent before we can process personal data. Article 15(2)(2) of the same act says that no additional notification about the processing of the data is required since the data was received directly from the customer and so the customer is aware that the data is being processed.

Elektrilevi has the right to send information to the customer about our partners, including advertising, if the customer has given permission for this.

The customer has the right to review the data that we hold on them by coming to our offices or using our e-service. If the customer's data have changed or if they are incorrect for any other reason, we expect the customer to notify immediately us by coming to our offices, calling the customer support line or emailing us.

The customer has the right to demand that we stop the processing or use of the data collected if this right is given in the Personal Data Protection Act or any other law. If you want a detailed explanation about the processing of your personal data, please call our customer support line 777 1545 or send us an email to info@elektrilevi.ee.

Safety of customer data

We collect as little customer data as possible, but we must collect the minimum required for us to do our work. Access to customer data is only granted to employees who need the data for their work, so data processing is limited solely to the information necessary for particular tasks. Companies that we work with in data processing, such as construction and maintenance companies, the postal service or publishers are also required to adhere to our policies on the processing of customer data. Our contracts with these partners demand that they respect the confidentiality of customer data.

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