Connecting to the network
To supply your new home with electricity or to connect a new point of consumption to the power network you will need to submit a connection application, after which we can conclude a connection contract.

Connecting to the network is a lengthy process that can take up to several months. This is because it is necessary to apply for several different licences, but we will take care of all the paperwork for you. You may only submit your request for a connection in our customer service office.
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Concluding a network services contract
Most points of consumption already have the necessary connections installed, in which case only a network services contract is needed, which can normally be signed together with the power contract.

When you sign your network services and power contract you have a choice of payment methods and price packages and you can also sign up for any additional services you need. It is very simple to sign a network services contract in our customer service office.
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Network events
Here you can find the latest news about how many unscheduled power breakdowns there are at the moment and when planned power outages will happen. You can also find information here about preventing damage and claiming compensation and you can read about what to do if there is a power outage and how to be safe with electricity.
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