My contact information
Here you can change and confirm your contact information, which we use to send you offers and other information and bills.
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My reminders
If you want your bills to be paid on time then you can order email reminders about the payment deadlines. We can also send you a reminder when it's time to submit your readings. Here you can order and change these reminders.
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My letters of authorisation
If you would like someone else such as a family member, a tenant or a company to manage your or your company's power contracts, submit readings and manage billing with Eesti Energia, then you can issue a letter of authorisation.
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My account names
You can give each of your accounts a different name so it is easier to differentiate between them. Here you can name your accounts and also change them.
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Notifications on power outages
On this page you may view, add, change and confirm your contact details. We will use these details to inform you about any faults and planned power outages.
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