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Fault notifications


Working hours for the fault notifications line: 24h
Call centre business hours: 08:00–18:00 Monday to Friday,
closed on Saturday and Sunday
International customers: +372 777 1545

Notify us about a breakdown or electrical danger: 1343, 24h
Report an electricity theft:, 716 8168, 24h

Customer service
In connection with network contracts and services, please turn to Elektrilevi branches. You may also ask about invoices and overdue payments by email or by calling our customer support line 777 1545.
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Street lighting faults
You may report any problems with street lighting in Tallinn by calling a special number 777 1010 or by sending an email to

Media contacts
Communications Specialist Maret Reinumägi can answer journalists' questions. You can contact her by calling + 372 56 93 8148 or writing to

If you're not sure who to contact with your questions, then please call our customer service line +372 777 1545.