If you want to connect to the new power system you need to fill in the application form and send it to us by email to info@elektrilevi.ee or bring it to one of our branches.

Application for connection to the new voltage system (doc) »

We will issue a report on the technical conditions based on your application and a free connection contract. In general, we can connect you to the new voltage within a year and if this is not possible for technical reasons, we will inform you about the probable due date in the report on the technical conditions.

What if I would like to increase the amperage of my main fuse?
If you would like to increase the amperage of your main fuse when you change your power system then you need to submit your connection application to our customer service centre. Please note your present main fuse rating, the rating you would like to have, and the new power system 3x230/400V in your application. We charge a fee for increasing the main fuse rating.
More about increasing the amperage of a main fuse ».

Does it make any difference if I live in apartment building?
If your apartment building does not have a homeowners' association, a decision from the apartment owners' general meeting will be needed for the power system to be replaced. The general meeting is considered to have a quorum if more than half of the owners of shares in the common ownership are present at the meeting and have agreed that the main fuse rating needs to be increased. We will also consider consent to have been granted if all the apartment owners present at the meeting have signed the application for the connection to the new power system.
If the apartment building has a homeowners' association, the written consent of a board member or the chairperson will be sufficient.

What must be done for you to connect to the new power system


  • The internal electricity system needs to comply with current standards and this will be your responsibility if you wish to change the power system. We recommend you renovate the main wiring in the entire building and replace the main fuse box so that it is possible to use an earthing switch, as this ensures safer electricity consumption. We can only connect your place of consumption to the new power system when the internal electricity system conforms to the requirements. You can order this work from companies licensed to do electrical work including Eesti Energia.
    Requirements for the measuring centres of apartment buildings (pdf) »
    Companies licensed to do electrical work »
    Eesti Energia electrical works »
  • You need to order the measurement service and get a certificate that the electrical system of your building conforms to all requirements. You can use the information on the certificate to fill in the notice stating that your electrical system conforms to the requirements and submit it to us. After the interior electrical work for your home has been completed, you should order the measurement and technical inspection of your electrical system. The certificate of conformity of your electrical system with the requirements is necessary for fire safety and electrical safety. We also need it before we can connect the electrical system of your home to the new external power network. You can order the technical inspection of your electrical system from the builder of the electrical system if they are licensed to perform it. If you order the inspection of the electrical system, you must fill in the "Confirmation of the conformance of the electrical system" and submit it and a copy of the certificate of conformance to a branch of our customer service or email them to info@elektrilevi.ee.
    Notice of conformity of an electrical installation (doc) »
  • You have to order and pay for all the work to update the internal electricity system.


  • After receiving your application we will prepare and issue a statement about the technical conditions.
  • If the network with the new power system reaches your house, we will install a free input cable if you wish. This input cable will be a part of your property.
  • If the network with the new power system does not reach your home, then we will schedule a construction time for it. The technical inspection will inform you when we can connect your place of consumption to the new power system.
  • When the internal electricity system of your building has been updated and you have submitted a certificate of conformity of your electricity system with the requirements, then we will connect your building to the new power system.

Grant are available from 27 April 2015 from KredEx for upgrading electrical systems. The grant covers up to 30% of the eligible costs of the work that it is intended for. More about support for upgrading electrical installations »

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