We act in accordance with our agreed strategy and our values while constantly improving the organisation of our work by involving both employees and partners.

We adhere to the following quality principles in our work:

  • we provide consistent network services to meet our customers' practical needs and all legal requirements;
  • we ensure that the electricity network continues to develop and function efficiently;
  • we apply the principle of equal treatment for all market participants;
  • we provide high quality services.

Elektrilevi's quality management has been awarded the international ISO 9001 quality management certificate.

We try to prevent environmental pollution and adhere to the following environmental principles in our work:

  • we follow the environmental policy of Eesti Energia AS in our work at Elektrilevi;
  • we analyse the environmental impacts of electricity distribution and use the best available technical solutions to minimise negative environmental impacts and network losses;
  • we consider the sustainable use of resources and the recycling of materials to be crucially important;
  • we make every effort to prevent and reduce our output of waste and use the best available solutions for waste management;
  • other factors being equal, we prefer suppliers with certified environmental management systems that use environmentally sustainable technologies and materials in our tenders;
  • we make sure that Elektrilevi's employees and partners are aware of the requirements of environmental law and undertake to comply with these requirements, and we expect our partners to do the same;
  • we inform the general population about Elektrilevi's environmental considerations and impacts.

Elektrilevi's environmental management system has been awarded the international ISO 14001 environmental management certificate.

We adhere to the following occupational health and safety principles to ensure a safe and healthy work environment:

  • we involve our employees in creating a safe working environment;
  • we assess illness, accident and incident risks and inform our employees and partners of these risks;
  • we inform the general public and anyone interested about the risks associated with our equipment and we undertake to minimise or eliminate those risks;
  • we work to raise our employees' and partners' awareness of the legal requirements covering the working environment and undertake to fulfil these requirements, and we demand that our partners do the same.

Elektrilevi's activities in the working environment have been awarded the international OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety certificate