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Connecting to the network

  • In a place where there is no electricity network
  • Temporary network connection

The connection process

When should I connect to the network?

A network connection is needed to supply power to a consumption point. You will need it if you want to start using electricity in a place that has had no previous connection to the network.

In order to connect to the network, you have to submit a connection application, which we will use to prepare a quote. If the quote is acceptable to you, we will build a network connection. There is a fee for connecting and the fee and the construction time depend on the distance of the consumption point from an existing substation.

We will let you know in writing of the connection procedure and of what you should do.

  • How long does it take to be connected?

    Connection to the electricity network is a time-consuming process. Various permits have to be obtained and agreements signed. Approvals and agreements often require much more time than the construction work.

  • How much does connection cost?

    The fee depends on the distance of the connection point from an existing substation and your chosen amperage. To decide on the main fuse amperage you need for your new home, use the main fuse calculator.

  • Connection process

    Before submitting a connection application, read through the steps you have to take before you can start consuming electricity.

  • Temporary network connection

    A temporary network connection is useful for things like sports events and open-air performances when it is not reasonable to use a power generator. A temporary connection is also useful for customers, who need electricity for construction work before a permanent connection has been built. In this case you need to have signed a connection contract and paid the first instalment for creating a permanent network connection.

  • Connecting to the Tallinn street lighting network

    It is necessary to connect to the Tallinn street lighting network, for example, if you want to obtain an electrical connection for lit billboards.

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