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Connection for an electricity producer

  • You want to produce electricity
  • You want to connect production equipment greater than 200 kW to the power network
  • You want to change the conditions for producing more than 200 kW

If you want to produce and sell electricity, you have to connect to the power network. You will have to connect production equipment of greater capacity (greater than 200 kW) to the Elektrilevi network. Connection as an electricity producer is also required in the event of the short-term parallel operation of a reserve generator over 200 kW.

Power plants with a capacity over 5 MW are generally connected to the Elering network.

To make your connection process smooth, it is recommended to follow the explanations below.

How much does connection cost for an electricity producer?

The connection fee is always based on actual costs, the exact amount of which is determined in the course of preparing the connection offer.

Elektrilevi may have to increase the capacity of transmission to the Elering network before an electricity producer can be connected. In such cases, the Elering coordination and connection costs to Elektrilevi will added to your connection fee.

You can always ask for a free preliminary calculation and technical inspection document. This way you will know the approximate price of connection.

How long does it take to connect an electricity producer?

Connecting a producer is a more complex process that can take from 2 months to 3 years depending on the capacity of the production equipment and the condition of the network.

Steps for connecting as an electricity producer

  • Application and quotation request

  • Signing the connection contract

  • Commissioning the electricity production equipment

  • Signing the network contract

  • Purchase and sale of electricity