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Connection for a micro producer

  • You have a power network connection
  • You want to produce electricity for your own use
  • You want to connect your production equipment to the power network

If you want to start producing electricity from renewable energy resources to cover the electricity consumption in your household, then one way to do that is to install solar panels on your house. Using renewable energy will reduce costs and contribute to a cleaner environment. This type of small-scale electricity production is called micro production.

You can connect electricity production equipment of low capacity (i.e. up to 15 kW) to the power network to cover the electricity consumption in your household or small business. For the purposes of safety and quality of electricity, and for the convenience of electricity consumption, you will have to connect to our power network. You can also sell any excess electricity that you produce.

You will have to purchase the production equipment. Check what kind of equipment is compatible with our network (pdf) »

How much does the connection cost for a micro producer?

As a rule, when connecting as a micro producer, you will have to pay for an appropriate meter and its installation. In some cases, additional work may be required on the power network and you will have to pay for that work, the equipment purchased and the materials used. Send us an application to find out the exact connection fee.

How long does it take to connect a micro producer?

The connection of a micro producer is usually a simple process that can take up to two months. However, if reconstruction of the power network is required, connection can take longer.

Steps for connecting

  • Connection application and quotation request

  • Signing the connection contract

  • Commissioning the micro production equipment

  • Signing the network contract

  • Purchase and sale of electricity