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Connection for small producers

  • You want to connect production equipment of up to 500 kW to the electricity network
  • You want to produce and sell electricity
  • Сhanging the conditions for producing up to 500 kW

You can connect a low-power electricity production module (below 500 kW) to the electricity network. To ensure safety, the quality of the electricity, and the convenient consumption of electricity, you have to connect to our electricity network. You will also be able to sell any excess electricity to the electricity network.

You will have to procure your own production equipment. See what equipment is compatible with our network (pdf) »

If your selected equipment is not on our list, you should submit the appropriate documents concerning the model. More information is available here »

How much does connection cost for a small producer and how long does it take?

The connection fee is always based on actual costs, the exact amount of which and the connection time will be clarified in a connection quotation.

  • If no additional work needs to be done in the electricity network, the fee usually covers the cost and installation of a meter suitable for production purposes. Connection can take up to two months.
  • If additional work needs to be done in the electricity network, you will have to pay for the necessary work and equipment and materials. In such cases, connection can take up to a year.

To find out the exact connection fee, please send us an application »

Steps to connection

  • Connection application and quotation request

  • Signing the connection contract

  • Commissioning small production equipment

  • Signing a network contract

  • Buying and selling electricity