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Reactivation of the network connection

  • You want to use electricity, but the place of consumption is out of order
  • There is no power supply because the cables have been stolen or the network vandalised

If you have become the owner of a house or registered immovable that has no valid network contract and where the power supply has been disconnected, you will have to check whether a network contract is available. Sign a network contract »

If a network contract is not available, you should send an application to reactivate the connection (doc). In such a case, we will send you a connection quote and sign a connection contract. You will have to pay for the equipment, materials and construction work.

We can reactivate connections with an amperage up to that of the main fuse of the point of consumption. If you need a higher amperage, you will have to pay for the additional amperage. More about increasing the main fuse amperage »

If the price of reactivation is higher than a new connection fee, we recommend you have a new connection installed »

If you have a valid network contract and the place of consumption is connected to the network, but a power cable has been stolen or a substation vandalised, we will restore your connection free of charge. You will have to submit an application for the reactivation of the network connection (doc) »