Connections and network contracts

Changing a place of residence

Network contract

Places of consumption usually already have all the necessary power connections and the only thing left to do is to conclude a network contract, which can normally be signed together with the power contract.

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Establishing a new connection

Establishing a new network connection

In order to supply your apartment with electricity and connect a new place of consumption to a grid, you will need to submit a connection application, which we will use to make a connection contract.

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For building associations

From joint purchase to individual purchase

If the apartment owners would like to sign network services contracts separately, without the building association, the building association has to initiate a transfer from a joint purchase agreement to individual purchase agreements.

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For engineers

Technical conditions

Here you will find the requirements that the planned or designed electricity system has to comply with.

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For network owners

Transferring the ownership of networks

Anyone who would like to transfer the ownership of an electricity network to us has to initiate the process of transfer.

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For electricity producers

Connecting an electricity producer to the power network

Electricity producers with a production capacity of over 200 kW, such as biogas plants, CHP plants or wind turbines, can connect to the network.

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Connecting a small producer to the power network

Small producers with a production capacity of up to 200 kW, such as a solar panel on top of a house, can connect to the network.

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