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Applying for permission to work in a protected zone

  • Limitations in the protected zone of a power line
  • Before digging, identify the location of the power cable
  • Coordinating activities with Elektrilevi

How to organise work in the protected zone of power lines and substations

The permission of the line owner is always necessary when working in the protected zone of a power line. Uncoordinated digging, tree-felling or transport operations in the vicinity of power lines can threaten the life and health of those doing the work. If you notify us about your planned activities and coordinate them, we can disconnect the power supply on the line if necessary, to ensure that your operations are safe.

To see if any overhead lines, cables or substations that belong to Elektrilevi are in the area of the planned work, please contact us!

Before you start any digging, you must identify the exact location of power cables!

  • What is a protected zone and how far does it reach from a power line or substation?

    The protected zone of the power network or a substation is a land area or airspace around the power line or substation where many activities are restricted for safety purposes.

  • How to pinpoint all electrical cables before you start digging?

    Before you start any digging, you must determine whether there are any power cables on the site of your digging work and where exactly they are located. In or near the protected zone of an overhead line or substation, you have to coordinate your work with us and apply for permission to carry out digging work in addition to pinpointing underground cables.

  • How to coordinate activities in a protected zone with Elektrilevi?

    Before you begin any work in or near the protected zones of an overhead power line or substation, please coordinate your work with our staff!

    Fill in an application and send it to us. If you need to agree on the transportation of outsize cargo, you should fill in and send us only the transportation permission application form from the Estonian Road Administration. We will then use the information we have to determine the distance between our overhead lines or substations and your work site.

How much does it cost?

Pinpointing the location of Elektrilevi's power cable(s) – 80.20 euros. The price includes up to two hours of on-site activity.

How can I order the coordination service?

Please apply to us at least ten working days before the planned work starts. Call the 1343 line if emergency work must be performed outside regular hours.

For more information on how to order our coordination service:

  • In the Northern region (Tallinn, Harjumaa, Pärnu, Pärnumaa, Saaremaa and Hiiumaa) –, phone: 46 54 600.
  • Coordination of designs and activities concerning street lighting in Tallinn -, phone: 46 54 600.
  • In the Southern region Raplamaa, Järvamaa, Lääne-Virumaa, Jõhvi, Ida- Virumaa, Jõgevamaa, Tartu, Tartumaa, Põlvamaa, Valgamaa, Võrumaa and Viljandimaa) –, phone: 46 54 500.
  • Please call the 1343 line if emergency work must be performed outside regular hours.