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Reconnection and disconnection of the power supply

  • If the power supply has been disconnected
  • If you want to use electricity again
  • If you have to arrange for electrical work in your house

When may I need reconnection or disconnection of the power supply?

  • When moving to a new home, you may find that the power supply has been disconnected. In order for you to use electricity, it has to be reconnected.
  • Work on the electrical system of the building may require the disconnection of the power supply. Sometimes it may be that you need to disconnect the power line cables from the wall or guttering of your building so that you can work safely, say if you are repainting the façade or repairing the roof. NB! The electrician working on your electrical system or the person who maintains your electrical system will decide on the method of disconnection.
  • You will need to ask for the power to be reconnected if it has been disconnected because of an unpaid debt.
  • We may have to disconnect power lines above roads and raise them higher for vehicles with outsize loads to pass.
  • Disconnection and reconnection of the power supply in the metering point

    If the power supply has been disconnected, it has to be reconnected before you can use electricity. You can also order the disconnection of the power in a metering point in a sealed part of the electrical system so that you can do work safely in your home electrical system.

  • Reconnection of the electricity in a place of consumption after a debt has been paid

    When you pay a debt, and inform the company that issues the invoice that you wish to start consuming electricity, electricity will normally be reconnected on the following day. If the place of consumption is disconnected from the power line, the process may take up to 8 business days.

  • Physical disconnection and reconnection of a place of consumption

    It may be necessary to disconnect the cables coming into a building if you wish to work safely near a power line to repair a building's façade or roof, etc.

  • Deactivating and activating a power line

    A power line supplying a place of consumption can be deactivated and the line switched off in a substation at your request. Deactivation of a power line may be necessary if you wish to cut tree branches under the power line or connect new wiring to the connection point.